Avr1 Avr1

The AVR-1

The AVR-1 is the engine at the heart of an Audica AV system. Its slim good looks conceal a precision disc-player and powerful amplification.

Combining performance with flexibility was Audica's design aim. This is reflected in the wide range of discs the AVR-1 will play, it's programmable configurations from stereo to 6.1 surround and an array of interconnection options including an HDMI output for connection to very latest HD-ready screens.

AVR-1 systems almost uniquely allow the listener to experience the optimum performance no matter what the layout of the room. The advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) within the AVR-1 allows precise matching with Audica loudspeakers. It also allows adjustment for the position and distance of each speaker to ensure the sonic result of the system is as designed. This allows greater flexibility in the installation as the effects of placing speakers asymmetrically, on shelves or in free space can be compensated for by the AVR-1. Systems without this elegant feature can suffer from aberrations in the sound balance if the speakers are placed in a position not expected by the designer; A situation all too common in real life living environments.